粕谷 哲

Tetsu Kasuya

都内IT企業でのコンサルタント職を経てバリスタに転職。 わずか3年のキャリアでワールドブリュワーズカップ2016年世界大会にてアジア人初の世界チャンピオンに輝く(36カ国中1位)。 現在は日本含め世界各国でのコーチング、企業へのコンサルタント、製品プロモーションや商品開発を行うだけでなく、大会のジャッジを務めるなど次代のバリスタ育成にも尽力している。 「誰でも簡単に美味しく」をコンセプトにしたコーヒーの淹れ方“4:6メソッド“が世界中で評価されている。

After studying finance in graduate school, and working as a consultant at an IT company in Tokyo, Tetsu Kasuya made a life changing decision and became a barista. After only three years of experience in his new career, he became the first Asian to win the title of World Brewers Cup Champion in 2016 (1st place of 36 participating countries). Currently, he works with coffee in Japan and all over the world, coaching, training, consulting for various companies, working with product development and promotion, and can also be found taking part in competitions by passionately judging the next generation of baristas as they compete in coffee championships. Tetsu is known for winning his world title by using his signature “4:6 Brew Method” which has been very well evaluated all over the world for its wonderful concept of simplifying coffee brewing, so it can be “brewed by anyone, deliciously and easily”.